The Borgias of Gramecy Park

At Take Ten Festival 2019

Shashwat has been cast as Youssef in The Borgias of Gramecy Park by Stephen Bracco. More info:

16 plays compete for the titles of best play, best director, best actor, and best actress. The best part?  Your votes help decide the winner!

April 9th – 14th at

The Workshop Theater
312 W 36th St, 4th Floor
New York, NY

April 9th – 7pm & 9pm
April 10th – 7pm & 9pm
April 11th – 7pm & 9pm
April 12th – 7pm & 9pm
April 13th – 7pm & 9pm
April 14th – 2pm

This years plays are:

Borgias of Gramercy Park by Stephen Bracco
Partner of by Rachel Carnes
Lockout by Lori B. Lundergin
The Dark Horse by Lyndsay Partain
West Loop Paradise by Veronica Stopa
I Did It by Paul Rajeckas
Customer Service by Philip W Hall
Special Delivery by Jack Dyville
Even With A Turkey by Joseph Bulvid
Birds of a Feather by Fernando Segall
Inerrant by John Reeves
Handiwork by Judd Lear Silverman
Exposed by Mark Rosati 
Such a Good Guy by Aurora De Lucia
Arch Enemies by Anthony Fusco
Your Words, Not Mine by Jack Rushton

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